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Additional Services

EDM understand that businesses and customer’s requirements are very different in terms of time, scale and costs.

As a result, EDM can provide the following services that relate to the equipment and the individual sites our customers own and manage.

These services are a natural fit to our core service, Remediation, just as Prevention and Containment are the proactive services we offer. The services listed below are an example of some of the additional services we can deliver.

  • Due Diligence Property Reports on Contaminated land
  • Petrol Service Station contamination
  • Land Contamination Reports
  • Septic Tank reinstatement
  • Petrol and Fuel Tank De-commissioning
  • Tank Emptying & Cleaning
  • De-Gassing - Gas Free Certificates
  • Foam and Slurry Filled Tank Removal
  • Vacuum Tanker Hire
  • Drain Jetting - Interceptor Cleaning
  • Confined Space Cleaning
  • Full Site De-commissioning & Demolition
  • Site Clearance/Excavation
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