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Domestic Fire Damage

Client: Insurance


The 1200 litre oil tank at a domestic property caught fire, and spread to the neighbour’s oil tank which also caught fire. Arson was suspected.


A site survey was conducted. Both oil tanks had melted and the kerosene heating oil within them had escaped to ground or volatised. Some of the near surface oil had burnt, but the investigation found oil in soils to below 1 metre below ground level over an area of 40 m2, including where it had migrated along the back and down the side of one of the properties.

Risks and Remediation

To mitigate the risk to the health of future site users and site workers and guard against the risk of future migration of oil from the soils to nearby building structures, the bulk of oil impacted soils, around 60 tonnes, were excavated and sent for licensed disposal. A chemical oxidising agent was used to treat residual oil impaction in deeper soils.


The ground was backfilled by others in conjunction with reinstatement of buildings from damages incurred during the fire.


Validation was by field monitoring and submission of soil for analysis at a UKAS accredited laboratory.