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EDM have a team of highly trained, experienced and qualified Environmental Consultants that respond immediately to an incident or request.

Whether it is part of an insurance claim or a contamination land review, we adapt our skills and services to the specific requests of the customer. Essentially, the Investigation needs to take into consideration the current emergency or contamination and the objective.

As part of the land management process, we would include research into the previous use and history of the site to identify the appropriate investigation tools and methods for the contaminants, which would lead to a site survey to assess the practicality of any intrusive site investigation. Reports will follow at each stage to ensure clients are fully advised and aware of the investigation, with detailed recommendations for the treatment and or removal.

For spill response investigation, time is of the essence and the investigation would be incorporated within the immediate site survey which could include PID analysis and consideration for other drilling investigations. Depending on the risk to the property owner, property users and the environment, specifically the local water services, detailed actions and recommendations would follow.

Individual cases are carefully assessed to decide the most cost effective solution to each project, with our Consultants conscious that no two assignments are the same! Each project entrusted to EDM is subject to the same management and quality controls, regardless of the size of the project, and includes the following service:

Each report will have the recommendations and where practical, proposed costs for the next stage or completion of the work.

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