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  • Containment
    EDM specialise in responding to your oil spill or pollution incident to ensure the environmental impact of any incident is minimised and the cost of remediation does not spiral out of control. EDM offers a Rapid Response service, once instructed a detailed Site Investigation can be conducted to fully define the extent of any risk and ultimately ...

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  • Remediation
    EDM have a team of highly trained, experienced and qualified Environmental Consultants that respond immediately to an incident or request. Whether it is part of an insurance claim or a contamination land review, we adapt our skills and services to the specific requests of the customer. Essentially, the Investigation needs to take into considerat...

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  • Property Repairs
    EDM have over 30 years of experience in building management and property construction and have detailed practical knowledge of property repairs and reconstruction By using a risk matrix which takes into consideration the property owner, property users, interested parties (such as the property or liability insurers) against the actual damage, pot...

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  • Additional Services
    EDM understand that businesses and customer’s requirements are very different in terms of time, scale and costs. As a result, EDM can provide the following services that relate to the equipment and the individual sites our customers own and manage. These services are a natural fit to our core service, Remediation, just as Prevention and...

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